💵 QUOTEX OTC MARKET STRATEGY – TRADING FROM $30 TO $7,000 | OTC Market Trading | OTC Market Risky


The OTC market 💹 is a tool for experienced investors. Today I will show binary options trading on the Quotex over-the-counter trading platform 📊. In this video 🎦, you will learn about the risks associated with binary options trading on the OTC market. If you want to learn about the best trading strategies of Quotex 📈, write to me in telegram. The link will be in the pinned comment under the video 👇:
My main YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/@MichaelTrade

But binary options trading on the over-the-counter Quotex platform brings very good profits 💰. Therefore, you and I must trade correctly on the OTC market, use optimal strategies for it. That’s why I’m shooting a video ▶️ for you, showing you the best strategies for binary options trading. Have a useful viewing 👍!

💥 TimeStamps 💥:
00:00 – Introduction
00:18 – Start of trading. Deposit $30
00:29 – Indicator MACD
00:53 – Options trading from $56 to $707
02:36 – Donchian channel indicator
03:36 – Profit $900
04:44 – Increasing the deposit to $4,000
05:29 – The final deal. AUD/JPY currency pair
06:02 – Conclusion. All links

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