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Have you ever wondered how to turn a small investment of just $90 into an impressive $9,000? Quotex OTC broker offers an easy-to-use and highly accessible binary options trading platform that allows you to profit from fluctuations in various financial markets. Today I will show you the perfect strategy for OTC markets. Write to me in person, I will give you professional advice, share secrets and signalsπŸ‘‡:
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With Quotex OTC, you can trade binary options outside of regular market hours, utilizing the OTC market, which operates independently from traditional exchanges. This provides you with more flexibility and opportunities to capitalize on market movements. Join me as I plunge into the world OTC binary options trading and discover the secrets of success in this exciting market. Enjoy watching πŸ‘!

πŸ’₯ TimeStamps πŸ’₯:
00:00 – Introduction. All links
01:28 – Start of trading. Deposit $94
02:35 – Indicator MACD
03:55 – Indicator Keltner Channel
05:16 – Trading from $616 to $1,156
06:16 – Increase the deposit to $3,826
09:21 – Purchase of 3 put options. Bad deal
10:16 – Purchase of 3 put options. Deposit $6,496
10:49 – Bid $3,000. Purchase of 3 call options
11:37 – Conclusion. Balance $9,286

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