10 best 2019 Christmas gifts


10 Best Christmas Gifts for 2019/2020 Links Below
If you’ve been banging your head against the wall trying to think of great gift ideas, bang no more, GayCarBoys are here.

As you pack the car to head off on your annual road trip, you’ll be wanting to keep your tech with you, right? Have you got kids in the back seat? Maybe you’ve got adults who act more like kids? If so, we have a bunch of techy goodness to keep you covered.

1: Sandisk iXpand Flashdrive 64gb $51.94 (also 32, 128 and 256GB) Amazon
These USB stick comes in capacities from 32GB to 256GB. You can use them on any USB or Lighting connector device. iPhone uses a Sandisc app to directly load data, manage photo backups, and play HD movies. You can lock it so none of your saucy movies and pics get nicked.

Sandisk iXpand Flashdrive 32 Gig

Sandisk iXpand Flashdrive 64 Gig

Sandisk iXpand Flashdrive 128 Gig

Sandisk iXpand Flashdrive 256 Gig

Samsung T5 SSD from $149 (also 1TB and 2TB) Amazon
For those who want even more capacity, Samsung has an SSD (solid state drive) to store up to 2TB of data. Prices are coming down, but beware of buying anything from overseas sellers as warranties may not be honoured in Australia.

Samsung T5 SSD 500 Gig

Samsung T5 SSD 1TB

Samsung T5 SSD 2TB

Mophie Powerstation XL $69.95 10,000 mAH Amazon (also wireless $167.89)
There are various Mophie powerstations. Most are high discharge to fast-charge your devices. It comes with a micro USB to charge from any USB port, and in turn connects to your mobile devices on the move. Charge phones, iPads, drones, cameras and anything else you take away from home. Never get caught with your pants down, unless you really want to of course.

Mophie Powerstation XL

JBL Flip 3 (Flip 5 now) $129 Amazon
I’m showing the Flip 3, but JBL is now up to Flip 5. Sound is excellent from this portable Bluetooth speaker. You get up to 13 hours of play, and a very long time with batteries powered down. Try to use it at least a few times a month. You can take calls if you want, but why interrupt a good time, right?

JBL Flip 5

GoPro 8 $599 From Gopro
GoPro has been a market leader since the first action camera was released by its surfer-founder. It is debatable as to whether or not you need to upgrade every year, but GoPro 8 Black has improved stabilisation and a revised casing. Menus have been updated, and there are other features like slow motion. You can set it to record up to 4K with the right SD card. Who knows what you can get up to when you think no one is watching.

GoPro 8

Apple iPhone 11 Pro 5.8” display (up to $810 credit for old phone) $1749 APPLE
Yeah yeah, yet another iPhone. The camera is improved as is the battery life. Update or not, but it is now a very expensive phone. I for one, will not be getting a new one for a very long time. The camera is good for more than just dick pics people!!!

Apple AirPod Pro $399 Apple
Apple’s first noise cancelling earbuds now stay put in your ears thanks for a new pad system. There are 3 sizes included, with the buds featuring a wireless charging case and a new control system. Instead of tapping the bud, you grip and press the stem. 1 press to answer and hang up, one long press to turn noise cancelling on or off. If not on a call, 1 press starts music, 2 presses advances the song, 3 presses goes back. This is the best Apple product since the one in the garden of Eden

DJI Osmo 3 Gimbal $158 Amazon
The ultimate gimbal for any mobile phone. It can screw onto a tripod (included) and connects via Bluetooth to the phone app. The in-app control allows buttons on the gimbal to operate phone functions for video and photo action. This puts phone stabilisation to shame.

DJI Osmo 3 Gimbal

DJI Mavic Air Combo $1399 Amazon
Mavic Air has been out for just over a year and remains one of the easiest drone on the market for beginners. Your phone fits in to the controller and the combo pack contains 3 extra batteries and a bulk charger. Although 4 batteries fit, only 1 is charged at a time. They discharge partially when not in use, so always check before heading out for a day of fun. Picture and video is decent quality and if you get in to strife, it will return home and land safely.

DJI Mavic Air Combo

Microsoft Surface Go $698 (on sale) ARC mouse $119.95, Surface Mobile Mouse $54.95, PRIDE cover $250

The ultimate tablet operates Windows 10 and is a fully functioning PC. You can set it up to be on Windows Lite after purchase, but who is going to do that? Accessories are sold separately, and I chose a maroon type cover and travel mouse.

Microsoft Surface Go

Surface Mobile Mouse