10 Best Electric 7-Passenger 3-Row SUVs Coming in 2022

At the moment, we can probably name more electric hypercars than seven-seater EVs. But the shock of the new is fading, and as electric cars become mainstream, the number of versatile, family-orientated vehicles will increase rapidly. In this video we will show you top 10 electric vehicles that can seat 7 people at the same time.

0:00 New all-electric 7-Seaters
0:22 Volkswagen ID 6 or VW ID6
1:23 Lucid Gravity SUV
2:00 Mercedes EQT
2:52 Nissan e-NV200 Combi
3:55 NIO ES8
4:58 Mercedes EQB
5:56 Tesla Model Y
6:56 Mercedes EQV
7:48 Tesla Model X
8:49 Rivian R1S

If you are an Electric Vehicle enthusiast, and your family is steadily expanding beyond the second row of your SUV, there is no reason to get upset about not driving fast ever again. There are quite a few spacious EVs that are actually approaching the road trip expectation. Today will be exploring these fastest 3-row 7-seater giants that possess speed, explosive acceleration and unprecedented driving dynamics.

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