1080p Plasma TV vs 4K HDR LCD TV: Surprising results!!


Today I will be doing some critical viewing of two Televisions in order to determine which I believe to have superior picture quality.

In one corner we have the last, best 1080p TV ever made which is the Samsung 64″ f8500 Plasma Television. Panasonic fans may disagree.

In the other corner we have the most current 4K HDR technology in a mid-end 70″ Full Array Local Dimming Vizeo e70-e3.

Watch for the surprising result!

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Highlighted in this video are:
The Samsung 64″ F8500 Plasma Television
aka: “The best 1080p TV ever made!!”

The Vizeo e70-e3 Tunerless Display:

Thanks for watching!
John Masters

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