15 Funniest And Ridiculous HALLOWEEN COSTUMES For DOGS


I want to find the best Halloween costume for my dog Sammy. With this video can I do it?

Killer Instinct
For terrible dogs, like mine, it was created this terrifying costume of the most famous devilish doll of the big screen.

Dog or bantha?
If you are also a big Star Wars fan like me, surely you won´t be able to resist trying to put this amazing bantha suit on your beloved pet.

The Beautiful Leia
Although I don’t think Sammy can wear this costume, how about this funny Leia´s costume for your cocky? Now that I look at it very well, it doesn´t convince me so much.

Do you love the faithfulness of dogs, but do you adore the cunning of cats too?

A Very Hairy Pennywise
I´m pretty sure that you’ve seen this costume before, but I could bet you never imagined this one.

The Pin Cushion with a Thimble
Look at this crazy costume!!! Yes!! It´s a pincushion in the shape of a succulent tomato and, to top it off, the person who made this little suit didn´t forget to put the thimble on the head of this dog.

Now, you´ll see a costume inspired by an animal considered one of the most ruthless murderers of the deep sea.

The Mistery Machine
If you dressed yourself up for this Halloween as one of the characters in the Scooby-Doo gang, your dog couldn´t be left behind.

Who are you? Dumbo?
Oh my God!!! Look at this lovely little elephant. Wait!!! I think he´s not an elephant; then what is it? Ah!!, it’s a Schnauzer.

Baby Shark Dog
I know that this song has driven you to madness and the truth is that this costume – inspired by a small predator – is too bizarre.

In the celebrations for Halloween could not miss a hairy spider, and I´m not talking about this type of costume, but one more terrifying.

This costume is a reality thanks to Alexa Jade who made it herself exclusively for her dog. Yes!! what you see is a large bag of cash.

Sumo Pet
This costume is for those who couldn´t diet to their dog on time before October. If this is your case, you can dress it with this funny sumo suit that will make its extra pounds go unnoticed.

A Pineapple with paws
Do you like tropical fruits? If so, why don´t you dress your dog up like a juicy and funny pineapple?

A very cute vampire
Look at what I found!!! In no Halloween party could be missing dark characters, that´s why on this list I included this loving Dracula with bloodlust.

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