15 New PC Games For 2019 We Can’t Wait To Play


You looking for new PC games for 2019? We got new pc games of 2019! Well, 15 of them – the 15 new PC games in 2019 we are most excited to play. PC gaming in 2019 is already looking in rude health – which of 2019’s PC games are you most excited for? And for more on Shadow, the high-end PC in the cloud, check out: https://shdw.me/RPS

Shadow is a high-end, cloud-based computer accessible on any internet-enabled device. Just like any Windows 10 PC, you can use it to work, play or browse – it has the specs to handle any game, and comes with an integrated fibre connection, perfect for downloading any game or uploading a video at the speed of light.

These aren’t all the new PC games in 2019 – just a selection that have caught our eye. From the bleak post-apocalyptic landscape of Metro Exodus to the slightly less bleak post-apocalyptic landscape of Far Cry New Dawn, there’s certainly a lot of bleak post-apocalyptic landscapes to keep you busy. Will these be the best PC games of 2019? Too early to start putting together our 2019 GOTY list, but there could be some contenders.

Other 2019 games include the creepy Resident Evil 2, the majestic Total War: Three Kingdoms and the frantic sci-fi action of Anthem. We think The Outer Worlds is going to be on of 2019’s best PC games – it looks like it’s doing everything that Fallout 76 didn’t. Whether you’ve got a new games PC, or are on older hardware there will be plenty to keep you playing from our list of 2019 pc games.

We know we’ve missed hundreds of new PC games for 2019, so please do add your own recommendations in the comments below. We want to know what PC games you’d like to see covered on the channel in 2019 – we have lots of favourites already (hint: they’re covered in this video) but share your picks of new PC games 2019, too.

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