16 NEW Electric Vehicles Available SOON (2021-2023)


16 NEW Electric Vehicles Available SOON (2021-2023)
Gas-powered cars have ruled the roads for more than a century, but electric vehicles are about to get their moment in the sun – big time.
Today, climate-conscious shoppers can choose from dozens of partially or fully electric models, but the number of EVs on the market is set to skyrocket in the next few years as start-ups mature and as traditional carmakers double down on the growing space.

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0:00 intro
1:26 Audi E-Tron GT
2:06 BMW i4
2:42 BMW iX
3:13 Bollinger B1/B2
4:00 Cadillac Lyriq
4:37 Canoo pickup truck
5:13 Ford F150 Electric
5:45 GMC Hummer EV
6:42 Lucid Air
7:27 Lucid SUV
7:54 Porsche Macan EV
8:24 Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo
9:03 Rivian R1T/R1S
9:50 Tesla Cybertruck
10:38 Tesla Roadster
11:31 Volkswagen ID.Buzz
12:18 Outro
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Description about Tesla
Tesla, Inc. is an American manufacturer of electric cars and trucks, solar roofs and energy storage systems for homes, industry and electricity grids. The company also operates a worldwide network of points of sale to market its vehicles and its own network of charging points.


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