20 *HALLOWEEN* Costume Ideas in adopt me *2020* [Roblox]


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Hey guys in today’s video I show you guys 20 outfit ideas for Halloween. Creating these halloween outfits was a fun little challenge for me due to the limiting clothing catalog in adopt me but nevertheless I had so much fun making this video for you guys!

Also, I did only 5 outfit ideas for guys as adopt me clothing catalog had more girls clothing (that is halloween related) than guys 😅

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Music used:

1) 0:01- Pineapple by Grant Schaffer
Music by Grant Schaffer – Pineapple – https://thmatc.co/?l=2F97CA51

2) 3:00- Mona Lisa (Acoustic) by VALNTN
Music by VALNTN – Mona Lisa (Acoustic Version) – https://thmatc.co/?l=CBB7EC77

3) 5:07- Fast ones by Ryan Little
Music by Ryan Little – fast ones. – https://thmatc.co/?l=7B21AC2C

4) 8:15- Basement by Eric Reprid
Music by Eric Reprid – Basement – https://thmatc.co/?l=1A5E8B93

5) 9:49- Autumn 2011 by Loxbeats
Music by Joey Howard – Autumn Leaves Fall (feat. B.C.Hill) – https://thmatc.co/?l=A1A47E58

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– All of the costume ideas done in this video are created by me if not specified.
– If you want to copy my costume ideas please make sure to credit it in your bio.
– Copying someone else piece of work and passing it as yours is very unfair so, crediting is crucial.

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