2018 Mobile Internet Year in Review & Looking Forward Into 2019


2018 has been yet another wild ride in the world of mobile internet!

The undeniable biggest story of the year was the surprise release of an actual (mostly) unlimited mobile hotspot data plan from Verizon, once again making Verizon an obvious Top Pick for anyone with serious mobile data needs.

But there were plenty of other stories, plans, and products making a splash in the news this year as well – ranging from the first 5G cellular devices to the slow emergence of a whole new category of smart and connected RVs.

And there are some major changes on the horizon too as we look forward into 2019 – with 5G networks just starting to come online, Sprint and T-Mobile very likely merging, and a whole new generation of satellite internet options slated to launch.

Overall there has never been a better time for connectivity on the go – and things just keep getting better.

For the full re-cap:

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