2020 Halloween Props & Haunt Animatronics Catalog | Distortions Unlimited


Amazing selection of 2020 Halloween props and haunt animatronics by Distortions Unlimited. This product video catalog includes the Distortions 2020 line up of animated props, static props, Shocktronics, and costumes, and will having you dreaming of Halloween and monsters in a good way! Distortions creates props, aliens, monsters, creatures, zombies, animatronics, masks, costumes, haunted house props, and much more. High quality, durable creations that you can take pride it, made at Distortions in the USA. The video includes highlights Halloween 2020 items such as Demon Fury, Master Disaster, Rabid Shock, Colossus, Wicked Wolf, Jack Attack, and Monster Kids, along with classics such as Kreepy Kids, and many more. Perfect for haunters, home haunts, Halloween, haunted attractions, theme parks, parties, yard haunt ideas and displays. The company was featured on the TV show Making Monsters on the Travel Channel. Get the best Halloween animated props with Distortions Unlimited animatronics!

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Distortions Unlimited is known in the Halloween manufacturing industry for their animatronics, props, costumes, masks, Shocktronics, and more.

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