3 Reasons DJI Mavic Air is still the best drone for 2019!


DJI has released several drones since the Mavic Air – but in this video I’m going to tell you why the Mavic Air is still MY PICK for the best drone as we head into 2019.

If you’re interested in a Mavic Air, you can get one through Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2Ami3to
(If you buy through this link, part of your purchase will go towards making more videos like these!)

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  1. Great video! i had a parrot drone about 10 years ago that does not compare to the drones today, i have purchased a Mavic Air but not flown it yet its still in the box lol. Any tips will be appreciated, Daniel from England.

  2. Have you made a video on how to travel with the Mavic Air on a plane and what places you have to register your drone like Thailand for example. I'm about to travel for six months starting in southeast Asia and want to be able to bring my drone with me and be able to fly in places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and cross Europe.

  3. You ain't take the same shots with both mavic air & mavic pro your using judgment on mavic pro, I got both drones but the mavic pro you gotta work more on with picture quality but it can do the job if you nice with your shit GTFOH!!

  4. Hi nice video, But you should first try the Mavic 2 Zoom before you judge he looks like the mavic pro 1
    You have no idea what you can do with the mavic 2 zoom. I can see you like to fly close of the subjects, so you can do it with de zoom and keeping safe your drone.
    I love the mavic air, actually I still have it, but when I bought the mavic zoom I could see how is good this drone.
    One more thing, The mavic zoom make less noise than the mavic air

  5. Really nice video from the desert. I agree with the out of the drone colors. There are optimum settings for the Mavic pro to make grading come out better. but you have to color grade. I do like the out of the drone color better from the Air. Overall, to me this is not an either/or conversation. I think I will always have use for the Air, for many of the reasons you stated in the video, compactness mostly. But damn they need to come out with some quieter props

  6. If the air used Occusync, it would be the perfect drone(and would be more than $700). the enhanced wifi is not bad, especially if you are not near interference. But the Air is not great for city/metropolitan areas, such as Bangkok. I have used both and the Mavic Pro wins for usability in cities. and one big reason is also the quiet props you can get for the Mavic pro. The Mavic Air is LOUD. I agree though, great drone, especially for first time buyers and travel.

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