5 Best Selfie Drones (Pocket Drones)

If you are looking for a portable, pocket-friendly selfie drone that could take your selfies wherever you go, you should check out these 5 drones. Selfie drones may be ultra-portable and easy to carry but they are certainly not easy to operate nor comes with advanced features like Return to Home, Obstacle avoidance, GPS, etc. Do your research and proceed with your purchase. All the product links are provided below.

AIR PIX: Pocket-Sized Aerial Photography Drone: https://igg.me/at/airpix/x/14464700#/
SELFLY Flying Phone Case Camera: https://amzn.to/31lAjOz
Hover Camera Passport Self-Flying 4K Drone: https://amzn.to/2GSu1hz
DJI Tello Selfie Drone: https://amzn.to/2GT5x7H
KIZMO K160 Portable Drone: https://amzn.to/31n2IDY

More Cool Drones: https://gforgadget.com/product-category/cool-drones/

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