9 STUDIO HEADPHONES for Music Production, Mixing, Tracking


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0:00 How I tested them
1:33 Technical terms
2:46 Beyerdynamic 770
4:14 Audio Technica
5:50 Beyerdynamic 990
7:16 Sony
8:30 Sennheiser
9:41 OneOdio
10:41 Status
11:35 AKG
12:52 Neumann
14:05 My top choices

In this video I compare the top studio headphones out there! I test the sound quality, build quality, sound stage, frequency response, mixing, tracking, vocal recording, bass, midi, and treble, and I even test them with a headphone amp. These are the best studio headphones out right now. And one of them is under $40! Wow! I provide my top recommendations from these 9 headphones as well. These headphones are the best selling and best quality for the price. Headphones include the Beyerdynamic, Audio Technica, Sony, Sennheiser, AKG, Neumann, OneOdio, and Status Audio.

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