Aetna Medicare Over-the-Counter (OTC) Benefits

Visit: to View or access the FREE GUIDE on how & where to go to manage (login / register / enroll) your Aetna Medicare OTC / Over The Counter Online Account website. Phone Number & Catalog will also be provided.

The above video is a short summary of what OTC Items Are Covered by Aetna Medicare:

  • allergy relief products
  • eye care
  • cold medicine
  • baby care products
  • personal care products
  • digestive remedies
  • vitamins
  • first aid items
  • cold remedies
  • pain relievers
  • a home diagnostics product such as a blood pressure monitor
  • nicotine replacements
  • & a lot more!

Manage Your Aetna Medicare OTC / Over The Counter Online Account.


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