Akaso Brave 6 4K Action Camera: Good, but not too impressive! (review & test)


✔️Akaso Brave 6: https://amzn.to/2TVlDT3

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In the past months I have tested a number of Akaso models, most of them were performing well.
Here is the Brave 6 – in its full glamour – it is very different to the majority of the actioncams, having different shape, while keeping the more common form factor, and a bit of unusual button placement – which is well functional. Overall – they have moved the side buttons to the top – and based on a couple of weeks using them I still cannot decide whether that is convenient or not. Guess it is fine.
On the inside – image is processed by a Novatek Chipset – likely this is the NTK96660 or a modified version, as it has electronic image stabilization in all of the resolutions. Although the camera claims to be 4K – it is not a true 4K, offering 2880 by 2160, which is around a thousand pixels short on the horizontal axis.
Also, the sensor used – a Panasonic sensor contributes to the greater amount of noise, and colors are not as vivid as we’d wish for.
The other tech specs – there is of course WiFi, image stabilization, and voice commands. The battery size is 1050mah, which is good for less than an hour of shooting, and as usual for Akaso – you get two batteries in the assembly. Interesting are the decision about the connectivity ports – there is a door for the battery and the microSD card on the side, and on the other side – for the microhdmi and the miniUSB port. It offers direct output to an HDMI device, and unfortunately – no option for an external microphone.

There are a few groups of settings. The power button switches between the shooting modes and the settings when pressed momentarily. And the navigation happens with the buttons on the TOP. You can control the white balance, the ISO, and also – angle of view, and over here we have four different modes. In essence it is software cropping, and this likely will result into degradation of the quality.
Remote – works good. And the other wireless way to control the camera – the voice commands – they also work fine. The commands are 6 in total, and they may start or stop video recording, take a photo, control the WiFi or switch the camera.
At the end – is this device any good? Well – yes, for shooting in Full HD it is a good action camera. However if you are looking for a 4K capable device – this definitely is not a good solution. It certainly has the big advantage of image stabilization in 1440p, and I overall hope to see some improvement of the image quality with some of the next firmware updates.
That has been Akaso Brave 6 – one of the many action cameras – interesting design and some quite fun to use features and accessories. Good or bad – I am sure we will have good discussions on the description below the video.

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✔️Akaso Brave 6: https://amzn.to/2TVlDT3
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