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✔️Akaso EK7000 Pro :https://amzn.to/2M9mBYH

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*60FPS footage samples: http://bit.ly/2ss5tEv
The EK7000 series have a regular version, a PLUS version and a PRO. Based on pricing and common sense – the Pro is the top end solution, and it is time to have a detailed look at its capabilities.
It is very important to say – that this is NOT a true 4K camera, and big part of the footage you will see is recorded in Full HD as in my opinion it is the best to be seen. And also – is the only resolution that supports image stabilization.

I have always recommended Akaso as a good budget brand to choose – their cameras are well built, have excellent accessories and performance is fine. The communication with their support teams is considerably better than many other brands. There’s nothing innovative about their models, and that’s the point – to give you as much as possible for the price you pay.

To better understand the characteristics and adjust the expectations from the performance – let’s have a closer look at the hardware. Main marketing point is the touch screen. There’s an outdated Sunplus chipset, which at least is doing a good job with 1080P. The sensor is OV4689CD, which is a 4-Megapixel sensor. Neither the processor nor the sensor can support real 4K resolution, so we can easily conclude that the footage that is marked as “4K” is interpolated. Not only that, but it is encoded as M-JPEG.
M-jpeg is a is a video compression format in which each video frame or interlaced field of a digital video sequence is compressed separately as a JPEG image. And it sometimes looks rather bad, however in bright conditions the output may be even better than 1080p.

Battery performance is … nothing exceptional – around 30 minutes of mixed usage, sometimes up to an hour if the screen is not used too often.
The menus won’t give you many options for correction – the most significant setting is the exposure adjustment. There are a few software filters, which I bet no one will really use. Time Lapse photos and videos feature is available. I has some struggles with the video lapse, but the photo lapse was just fine.

Speaking of the menus – I have to say a few good words about the navigation – because of the touch screen, switching between different modes is quite easy, and there also is the possibility to adjust the menus via the hardware buttons – and that’s something many of us will highly appreciate.

If you like the idea of controlling the Akaso EK7000 Pro remotely – one more useful accessory to help – a wireless remote. The best part is that it doesn’t need any menu to be enabled – just keep it withing a few meters and the connection will work. Maybe the simplest kind of connection to a remote for an action camera.
What can we say about the footage. Not too bad. But not too good either. Maybe slightly below the expectations from a 70-bucks action cam called PRO in early 2019.

Shoots good at 1080P, the recorded sound quality is also good, has a touch screen, convenient grouping of the menus, remote, smartphone app and bunch of accessories
To mention the biggest disadvantaces – it is NOT a true 4K action cam, EIS only in 1080p and slow motion looks quite bad at 720p. Which means that the most significant reasons to buy it are the price and the 1080p capabilities.

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✔️Akaso EK7000 Pro :https://amzn.to/2M9mBYH

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