Alienware Gaming Monitors 2019 @ Gamescom: 240Hz IPS (27") & 120Hz OLED (55") [ENG SUB]


Alienware’s new gaming monitor lineup @ Gamescom 2019.

► Alienware AW2720HF – 240Hz 27″ IPS Full HD Gaming Monitor
This one seems like an E-Sports monitor with the best image quality while sacrificing a bit of motion sharpness.

► Alienware AW5520QF – 4k 120Hz 55″ Oled Gaming Monitor
It would be definitely interesting how this one will compete against OLED TVs or one of the newer G-Sync big format gaming screens. Unfortunately, the AW5520QF does not support HDR.

► Alienware AW3420DW – 120Hz 34″ Ultrawide Nano-IPS Gaming Monitor
How good is the AW3420DW is compared to the AW3418DW? I can answer this after I have reviewed this one. But in terms of the price-performance ratio, I think the AW3418DW still will be the winner. Especially when the release price will start with a higher price tag.

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