Amazon Gift Ideas for Everyone part 1


Hello my beautiful people and welcome to Amazon Gift Ideas for everyone part 1! I know the Christmas / holiday season can be hard considering the current situation and gift shopping is especially difficult. So I made this video so I can help you get the best gifts from the comfort of your home. Here you will find gifts for your loved one, family, friends, colleagues or any other special person in your life. All the love and happy holidays!

Shloud i make a video with things under 10 dollard? Let me know!

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Links to the products:
All the best wishes and love
Laser keyboard:
Wireless digital highlighter:
Self heating jacket:
Bug bite thing:
Portable wireless phone carger:
Security stamp:
Gyro bowl:
Roller Skate shoes:
Stop nail biteing:
Pink sunglasses:
Keyboard shortcut cover:
Gold desk mirror:
Towel warming bucket:
Phone taser:
Waterproof car mirror protector:
Glass straws:
Makeup brush:
Inflatable chair:
On the go razor:
Car disco:
Toothbrush dispencer:
Elastic cutter hook:
No bark bird box:
Chomchom Roller:
Panoramic rearview mirror:
Note taking pen Echo:
Desk exercise bike:
Rainbow window sticker:
Plastic repairing tool:
10000 brissles toothbrush:
Harry Potter Magic capsule:
Oil control roller:
Shower foot rest:
Bendy phone holder:
Mini microphone:
Silk pillow cases:
Head massager:
Laptop stand with usb and fan:
Iphone, ipods and iwatch charging station:
Portable door lock:
Charger hidden camera:
Trivel size clothing hangers:
Travel parfume bottles:
Stash scrunchies:
Umbrella with fan and spray:

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