An Exclusive Look Inside Party City's Costume Design Studio


When’s the last time you took a selfie? Or, a group picture with your friends? Well, if you’ve snapped a photo recently, you’re not alone. Party City says social media is driving costume sales because everyone wants to dress-up and look good for costume or theme parties throughout the year, not just at Halloween. Party City’s Vice President of costumes and accessories merchandising Daisy Dodge says, ‘People want to wear hats, they want to get into the spirit when they’re walking down the street in a parade. So all those areas and more are growing.’ So when does the team start thinking about designing for Halloween? What will be hot this year has already been decided. ‘We are already into what’s coming in 2019, 2020, so we have a good heads up as to what’s on the horizon and we can plan accordingly,’ says Dodge.

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