Approved productlist — OTC benefit


Amerigroup Community Care over-the-counter (OTC)benefit approved product list

Below is a list of products you can buy with your OTC debit card — subject to availability— at our approved retailers. Amerigroup Community Care has the right to update this list atany time. For a current list, please visit

Pain relief (over-the-counter products)

■■ Pain relievers — acetaminophen,

ibuprofen, aspirin

and combinations

■■ Fever relief

■■ Anti-inflammatories

■■ Topical headache relief

■■ External muscle/joint pain relief

patches, pads, rubs and liquids

■■ Sleep aids and sedatives

■■ Stimulants

■■ Motion sickness

■■ Restless leg treatments

Cold and allergy

■■ Cough, cold and flu medications

■■ Cold and flu preventives/

symptom reducers

■■ Sore throat pain relief

■■ Throat and cough drops

■■ Allergy, sinus and combination

■■ Nasal sprays, drops and inhalers

■■ Nasal moisturizing products

and washes

■■ Nasal strips and snore relief

■■ Medicated lip treatments

■■ Lip moisturizers

■■ Asthma preparations

■■ Vapor products (includes

waterless vaporizers)

■■ Vaporizers, humidifiers

and accessories

■■ Respiratory treatments

First aid

■■ First aid kits and supplies

■■ Bandages and dressings

■■ First aid tapes and adhesives

■■ Antiseptics, antibiotics

and medicated products

(includes alcohol, peroxide,

Epsom salts, etc.)

■■ Burn and scar treatments

■■ Skin protectants (includes

petroleum jelly)

■■ Wound cleansers

(includes saline)

■■ Lice treatments and accessories

■■ Antiparasitic treatments

and accessories

■■ Rubber gloves

■■ Masks (respiratory, barrier, etc.)

■■ Hydrocortisone products

■■ Anti-itch treatments

Digestive health

■■ Antacids

■■ Acid controllers

■■ Fiber products

■■ Enemas

■■ Laxatives

■■ Stool softeners

■■ Products for lactose intolerance

■■ Digestive aids

■■ Prebiotics and probiotics

■■ Antigas products

■■ Hemorrhoid treatments

Eye and ear care

■■ Contact lens care

■■ Eye relief products

■■ Eye wash

■■ Eye preparations (includes

sleep masks)

■■ Eyeglass and lens accessories

■■ Reading glasses

■■ Magnifying glasses

■■ Ear drops and syringes

■■ Ear plugs

■■ Sunglasses

Foot care

■■ Foot moisturizers and exfoliators

■■ Foot pain relief

■■ Heel and arch

■■ Shoe insoles, inserts

and cushioning

■■ Corn, callus and bunion pads

■■ Corn and callus removers

■■ Odor and wetness treatments

■■ Antifungal treatments

■■ Wart remover