Best 15 Samurai Anime You should Watch

The Samurai have always been a rich source for storytelling, and these 10 anime make great use of their history and culture.
Samurai are among the most important people in Japanese culture and history. Considering that, they are among the biggest sources of inspiration for Japanese artists. Animators have brought samurai history to life through anime, creating some amazing fight sequences and even better discussions on honor and friendship. While samurai are part of the military caste, they are also much more than that. They have a unique code of honor unlike anything else seen in the country, or anywhere in the world for that matter.
The following examples are some of the best samurai anime out there. These warriors have always been in a key part of anime, and while samurai anime tend to be rooted in historical realism rather than fantasy, the battles in these series are absolutely fantastic. Everyone will find something to love in these awesome samurai anime

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