Best 5 Adventure Motorcycles 2019 That Are Actually Good Off Road


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Best 5 Adventure Motorcycles 2019 That Are Actually Good Off Road
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Adventure Motorcycles are showing up everywhere, have you been thinking about getting one? I have the 5 best adventure motorcycles I think you should consider if you are wanting one! These motorcycles of the adventure kind are I think are actually good off road and perfect on the road!

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  1. Adventure Motorcycles are BIG and they are HEAVY! but do you own a Dual Sport and want a Travel Bike? well these maybe the ticket for you! thanks

  2. I have owned the bmw 1200gs &gsa. i now own the 1290 SAR and it kicks some serious ass. the other ones you
    me too i have ridden. None of them compare all around.

  3. I was between the 1290 R or the 1250 GS… Loved KTM since I ve first seen it on the 990 version way back in time in all orange glory…. Years went by and boy the went by quick, and I ended up with the 2019 BMW 1250 GS HP. The only reasons are the reliability and the network. Price wise KTM hands down. But wanted that piece of mind… Good video bud ride safe

  4. Got the 1090! Great bike! You got anything to say on the 2013 Baja 990? Got a pretty good deal on 1 that only has 7000 1 owner mint bike. Would like to keep some miles off my 1090. Thanks for the feedback✌️

  5. All of those are great bikes , you cannot buy a 'bad' bike in todays world ! i had a V strom , not off road capable , no offence its a great bike but it just isnt , never had an 800GS & never even ridden a Triumph , had an old 1100GS for a minute , nice street bike that'll do dirt roads like the suzuki , ridden several Africa twins which was my 2nd choice i was all set to buy a std A.T. and send the shock and forks straight to Konflict right away and then there was a dlr discount on the ktm1090R that sealed the deal , with upgraded suspension the Honda might be a better all around bike for most , smoother road bike & lower seat height ? performance wise the ktm stomps all of those hands down though of course .. the 1090r is 462 without gas & i think right at 500 with a full tank= 6.2gallons of fuel

  6. In terms of the top two, I believe they're about equal. The difference comes down to how much personalization you want. The Africa Twin allows people to really nitpick customization and make it "your bike". The KTM is a bike for someone who just wants an Adventure Bike and doesn't want to do much to it. Both of these are about as capable as the rider, and it just comes down to what you like in styling and user customization.

    I highly recommend checking out this channel. They really show what the bike is capable of, and it's not even an Adventure Sports model.

  7. Shirts look awesome. Hope all is good in DFW.. oh and the Tiger xcx xca xr all have "cruise control"… I loved my tiger Rock solid WP suspension 15+ AT suspension is to soft for a lot of people. 1090 r…. Rocks..I'm to cheap 🙂 great rant tonight.

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