Best $500 Youtuber Camera through 2019 with 4k? Panasonic GX85


Link to buy the GX85 for $400ish on eBay:
GX85 Hack for Cinelike D profile:
25mm f1.7 lens for $150:
If no GX85’s are available.. it’s $597 brand new from here: and it comes with TWO lenses and a bunch of accessories.

This camera is the best value for the dollar so far this year. The Panasonic GX85/GX80 also just got cheaper since the GX9 came out.

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  1. I'm confused. When I shoot jpeg the resolution is 14.1mp. When I shoot RAW the resolution is only 2.8mp. I'm using 3:2 aspect ratio. Does this happen to you too?

  2. I was considering migrating from my GH2 to the A6300 but the bulk and price of sony lenses was puting me off. When I realized I would get actually BETTER low light performance with the GX85 thanks to the gain in f-stops with the stabilization that sealed the deal for me. I already had a 20mm f1.7 pana lens with was damn great lens. Just got myself a Zoom H1n to put it on top of the gx85 and that also solved the audio issue for me.

  3. Great video. I'm working with a Canon SL2 right now and eyeing mirrorless and 4k options. I'd like to stay at $799 or less, and this is a good start to my search. Liked your video style and presentation…new subscriber bro.

  4. I notice there is a lot of sharpness in the image quality. Are there filters available in the settings on the camera itself?

  5. How about a video about THE BEST BUDGET 4K BRIDGE CAMERAS WITH MIC INPUTS? There aren’t much videos if any videos out there about that.

  6. Is this camera good enough for beginner filmmaking? I dont know whether I should go for the sony rx100 mark iv, g7x mark ii, lumix lx100, this one or.. idk somebody HELP me lol

  7. Thank you, Tommy. One question, I am very interested in this camera and I want to use it filming myself when playing guitar for play-through videos. But… you mentioned that you won't be able to tilt the screen around so you can actually see yourself while recording. Is there a smartphone app by any chance so you could use this as a remote? Thanks a lot!

  8. I bought this GX80 /85 few months ago and I agree with you – it is compact size great camera with awesome 4K – thats all i wanted 😉 I must try this Cine D hack !

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