Best Android Setups | Android Home Screen Wars Ep.3


Best Android Setup and Home Screen Wars Ep. 3 Featuring the best android setups. 3 Amazing unique setups from Nova Launcher and KWGT widgets. These setups are what I have been rocking for the past few weeks. Let me know what you guys think of the setups.

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Google Drive with Wallpapers

First Setup
Nova Launcher:
KWGT Widget:
Huk KWGT Plugin:
Delta Icon Pack:

Second Setup
Nova Launcher:
KWGT Widget:
Watermelon KWGT Plugin:
Resplash Wallpaper App:

Third Setup
Nova Launcher:
KWGT Widget:
Outline KWGT Plugin:
Rectangel KWGT Plugin:
Huk KWGT Plugin:
Oriels Icon Pack:
Resplash Wallpaper App:

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