Best Budget Camera for YouTube? Canon M50 vs. Canon SL2


What is the best budget camera for YouTube in 2019? In this video, I compare my top two picks: the Canon SL2 and the Canon M50. Check out the Canon M50 on Amazon here: ****** Watch other videos in our budget YouTube equipment series here:

**** Show Notes, Video Gear List, and Resources ****

  1. Canon M50 and Kit Lens on Amazon:

** Extra Canon EOS-M Battery

** Third Party Batteries (Good reviews… but I have not personally tested these)

** Canon EOS M Mount Adapter (Used in very good condition for around $100)

  1. Canon SL2 and Kit Lens on Amazon:

  2. Check out other videos in our “Best Budget YouTube Equipment Video Series,” here:

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(Video Gear I Use) 4K YouTube Home YouTube Studio Setup

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**** About This Video ****
In this video, Sean Cannell from Think Media TV reviews budget cameras for YouTube. Which is the best budget camera for YouTube — the Canon M50 or the Canon SL2? While the Canon EOS SL2 could be the best budget DSLR camera for DSLR YouTube, the Canon EOS M50 is also a good budget camera for YouTube. Check out this video for the best cheap cameras for YouTube in 2018.

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  1. As a subscriber you have inspired us to start vlogging, videoing planes take off and land as well visit restaurants in Hawaii. We are beginning. Which Canons on a medium budget do you recommend? Please advise. Thank you.

  2. newbie photographer here, after watching the video i was really on board with the m50, but after reading the comments a lot of people actually prefer the sl2 over m50… i don't really care about the 4k (i live in philippines so internet here isn't really that great and i believe not a lot of people use 4k monitors) what concerns me the most is the video focus and image quality… are both really have the same quality? despite the 9-points focus points in sl2, can i really get the same result as the m50? tnxx

  3. I was so excited because my Mom said that i can get a camera for no more than 400 or 300 dollars and when he said the price I was so sad. Does anyone happen to know of a cheep camera for vlogging with the flip screen im trying to grow my channel! 🙂

  4. Just getting started with my youtube channel and wanted to get into my first real camera. Thanks for all the info it really helped.

  5. Cool review!
    Thanks to this review, I bought canon m 50.

    canon M 50 shoots large video files and I can't transfer these files to my macbook. I cannot transfer files larger than 4 gigabytes to MacBook. But I shoot a video of 50 gigabytes each.
    In the instructions and on the Internet, the solution is not found. What to do, where to look for the answer please tell me someone?

    It is very strange that I cannot find a wide discussion of this problem because everybody who shoots 4k should face this issue.
    No video on YouTube talks about it.

    We need to find a way to download large files on MacBook. Or find a setting that would automatically divide the video into pieces smaller than 4GB.


  6. Well, if I get extra lenses as well, SL2 would be still a better bet. And later can just get the M50 body with the adapter if needed. What do you say Sean?

  7. After watching your review comparison on this two great camera, I'm more learning towards the Canon M50, it makes sense for biginner blogger like me.

  8. Oh man, you are so bias… do you think consumers are morons?!??! we are in almost 2019?!?!? My GH4 shoots 4K, and it was released in 2014??!!? The Xt20, the A6300 are budget cameras and shoot 4K, with 120fps at 1080p, with much better AF…Canon is holding back technology, and people like you,are still promoting their dated crap, why?!?!? Where is the Canon superiority, after all??!?!? people just buy ant crap as long as it has the Canon logo, that's the Truth… and you, you are just a salesman…

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