Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes


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Ah Halloween. The time of year where we honor tradition by dressing up and scaring the pants off of each other. It’s an ancient tradition that’s been celebrated for almost 2000 years, and it seems like somehow it gets better and better each year.

But as the years pass, trends change. The costumes of 60 years ago would be unrecognizable today. And someone from the 50’s would blow a gasket if they saw some of the more scandalous costumes around today.

Though as far as decades go, the 2010’s have been a pretty memorable one, for better or worse. And with just 2 months left in the decade, I for one am looking forward to seeing what the 2020’s bring in terms of new Halloween trends and traditions.

And of course, as with any holiday, with tradition comes commercialization. The candy, the costumes…

But some costumes can’t be bought in a store. Some costumes take a lot of creativity, effort, and okay, yeah, money as well. Prosthetics ain’t cheap!

But no matter if you spend 5 or 500 dollars on a Halloween costume, it’s how you wear it that makes it memorable. And that’s why I’m gonna break down a list of the 13 best celebrity Halloween costumes of this past decade. Right here on Listed.

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