Best Cell Phone Plans of 2022

David & David tell you about the best cell phone plans of 2022. You can save a lot of money when you switch carriers and sometimes get better coverage and features when you do.

  1. Best Unlimited Plan of 2022: The Visible Plan [0:10]
  2. Best MVNO Plan of 2022: Mint Mobile 10 GB Prepaid Plan [2:37]
  3. Best Cheap Plan of 2022: Tello Mobile 1 GB Prepaid Plan [3:45]
  4. How To Check How Much Data You Use Per Month [4:26]
  5. Best Prepaid Plan of 2022: Verizon 5 GB Prepaid Plan [5:06]
  6. Best AT&T Plan of 2022: 8 GB Prepaid Plan [7:15]
  7. Best T-Mobile Plan of 2022: Magenta Max [8:37]
  8. Best No Data Plan of 2022: Ting Mobile Flex Plan [10:00]

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📱Learn more about Tello’s 1 GB plan:

📱Learn more about Verizon’s 5 GB prepaid plan:

📱Learn more about AT&T’s 8 GB prepaid plan:

📱Learn more about the T-Mobile Magenta Max plan:

📱Learn more about Ting Mobile’s Flex Plan & save $25 when you switch:

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