Best CHEAP Robot Vacuums! – TESTED – Ultimate Comparison!


Here are the finalist for our best budget robot vacuum competition:
#1 Coredy R500+ on Amazon:
Our Video Review:
#2 Eufy Boost IQ 11s:
Our Video Review:
#3 Deebot N79s on Amazon:
Our Video Review:

Runners up:
#4 Ilife A4s on Amazon:
#5 Ilife V5pro on Amazon:
#6 Roomba 690 on Amazon:
#7 Ilife V3 on Amazon:
#8 Deebot 500 on Amazon:
#9 Vava on Amazon:

Here is a list of our favorite vacuums (links to Amazon:)

Our favorite upright vacuum:
Our favorite budget upright vacuum:
Our favorite robot vacuum:
Our favorite mid level robot vacuum:
Our favorite budget robot vacuum:

Our favorite cordless stick vacuum:

Our favorite carpet cleaner:
Our favorite budget carpet cleaner:

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