Best Hair Products For Men In 2019 | My Favourites From The Last 12 Months – Ben Arthur


In this video, I cover my best hair products for men that I’ve been using this year. I totally recommend each of these mens best hair products going into 2019.









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Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored by any of the brands featured. I do use affiliate links when linking products in the description. This helps me to afford products to use in videos and does not affect you.



  1. Hello Ben Arthur I loved your videos and honest reviews. I have thin hair which does not hold at all and becomes curly and I never used any hair product before but now I wanted to use some hair clay if you advise me any clay which comes under rupees 1500(INR) what I can afford for my thin hair..

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Great stuff. Personally I've been using Man Cave hair wax for the past 6 months. Great smell a matt finish and strong hold.

  3. monarch – low hold high shine like all the other products that are homebrew or all over youtube. best for a messy quiff that looks like theres nothing in it = some sort of thickening spray or sea salt and then texture powder and that got2be hairspray to hold it all day – never need to touch it again.

  4. Ben! I have thin hair as well. Ordered wax zero now. Currently my go to is blumaan monarch, 5th sample pomade, original- all have great hold! I think because they are mainly waxes. Suck: blumaan hybrid cream clay no hold, O’Dowd’s matte paste weight of the clay med-low hold

  5. Ben, I have fine hair but lots of it and looking to style a textured spiky quiff around 2.5 inches at the front.
    One pre styled what product would you suggest?
    I was thinking about crew fibre or fudge Matt head extra, tried the label m paste and it was a total joke.

  6. Greetings Ben! I'am a short-heighted guy. You need to do "Steve Carrel".
    He's short and he still manages to pull off any haircut & clothing style.
    Steve's video will help all the short-heighted boys out there. It would be a pleasure. Thanks.

  7. Can you make a video about shampoos, body washes, and conditioners in the future. Like what to look for, and what are good options. Most companies these days use chemicals like sulfates, and parabens (possibly other ingredients as well) which has been proven to be actually damaging your hair and your skin if using it daily. I don't know just a suggestion.

  8. just slap on some MVMT and Tiege Hanley on, and you can even sell it as a wig because of how much excess hair you can grow from it

  9. I would love to try our wax zero from ByVilain. If you want to know what products I personally liked using for 2018 are
    1.) Cavalier Clay by Blumaan -because it works for my thick hair and holds my hair longer and the texture is awesome.
    2.) Clutch Matte styling clay- it holds my hair pretty much most of the day but it is easily re style friendly and washes out easily
    3.) Anchors courage clay- works best for shorter length hair but otherwise it is a great product
    4.) Nevermore Matte Paste- I like how the product holds my hair without fail.
    5.) Hybrid Cream Clay – works better as a prestyler better than Original by Blumaan.

  10. You have so short hair so shame that we can't really trust opinion on some products 🙈 I've like double the hair length (still thin hair too), and it's "whole different game" when length is 2x..

  11. I really tried to persevere with the Da'Dude wax (I bought it as a consequence of your review) but I found it extremely poor. I know every hair type is different, but having tried it every single day (I wanted my money's worth considering how much it cost) for over six months, it simply didn't work. However, VO5 matte paste works every time and is also very forgiving, which, disappointingly, can't be said for Da'dude.

  12. Love your videos mate, they are just interesting. I must say I would love a video on if you are trying to combat your slight receding hairline/balding… but only slightly! Thank you

  13. Would you review clutch clay by thesalonguy? I already own it but I'm curious to see how it stacks up to other products like da'wax for your hair type. It's lighter than most heavier clays since it is water based but still has a high hold. So it shouldn't weight down your fine hair as much as something like cavelier by blumaan.

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