Best Laptop for Programmers 2019

If you’re a programmer and looking to decide which laptop to get in 2019, I’ve developed a set of recommendations for you based on 3 different budgets! In this episode, I’ll explain my recommendations for the best laptop for programmers in the student, generalist, and professional category. Each of my picks has been judged by me on a wide variety of factors from GPU speed to keyboard comfort to cooling fan ability. These are my own picks, none of these companies paid me to promote them. I hope you find my set of recommendations useful in your journey, enjoy!

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Acer Nitro 5 $650-750 (Student Laptop):

Dell XPS 15 $1250+ (Generalist Laptop):

Razer Blade $1500-3000 (Professional Laptop):

My desktop build $1600:

Lacie Storage Device:

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