Best Laptops for Photoshop and Lightroom – Specs and Recommendations

What is the best laptop for Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom in 2019? How much power do you actually need to edit photos in Photoshop or Lightroom? ►⏩►⏩ Check availability and pricing in the links below!

The models below are the best for photo editing in Photoshop or Lightroom.

⏩ Lenovo Yoga 730 13in (7 Hours + 97% RGB)
►► High-end ( )
►► Budget Version ( )

⏩ Lenovo Flex 5 15in (5 Hours + 100% RGB)
►► ( )

⏩ MacBook Pro 15in (7 – 8 Hours + 99% RGB)
►► ( )

⏩ MacBook Air 13in (7 Hours + 99% RGB)
►► ( )

⏩ Dell XPS 15in (6 – 7 Hours + 98.5% RGB)
►► ( )

⏩ HP Envy 17in (6 – 7 Hours + 100% RGB)
►► ( )

⏩ LG Gram 17in (10 – 12 Hours + 100% RGB)
►► ( )

Photographers are on the go a lot. They are constantly on shoots and with this in mind, you need a computer that is light-weight, powerful, color accurate and has a good battery life. So that is by which I am going to discuss how to pick the best laptop for photo editing.

Let’s dive into the content!

Light-weight (Can you have a big laptop that is light as well?)

There are a lot of great laptops out there but are there any laptops that will be able to meet all of the criteria I listed above. The first thing I want to discuss and I want you to consider earnestly is the weight and size of your machine. When you are editing photos in photoshop, sharp images vs blurry images can totally ruin your shoot. And sometimes that TINY LCD screen on the back of your camera just isn’t good enough to make sure you got the shot with the best light AND in focus.

For this reason, the screen size of your laptop is important. Do you want to have a nice LARGE 17-inch screen to know without a doubt that your image is in focus? Perhaps you are someone that can not stand lugging BIG gear around, so a 13 inch or 15 inch laptop may be the best bet for you. I am wanting you to THINK before you act. What are your preferences! I could tell you my preferences, but that would not be a fair assessment of what would work for you.

Big does not always mean HEAVY. The LG Gram is a laptop with a BIG screen and weighs under 3 pounds! That is incredible in my book. It is also very color accurate, has a great battery life, and packs some power. I won’t dive too deep into specific models yet, but I want you to get the idea.


How powerful does a Photoshop laptop actually have to be? Well, lucky for you they don’t need to be CRAZY powerful. But I will warn you. If you think that your future may hold any video editing or motion design than I would consider getting one of the more powerful machines that I am going to recommend in this video.

As far as photo editing is concerned you definitely want to have a 7th or 8th generation i5 processor at a minimum! I personally always lean towards an i7. This allows me to be confident that if I were needing to browse the internet, edit photos, listen to music, and work on some branding in Illustrator at the same time I would have the power to do so.

As far as the RAM is concerned you can get away with 8GB of ram if you are only editing photos. But if you want to be surfing the web, listening to music, and editing photos at the same time I would recommend making that 16GB of RAM in order to make sure your computer will not get bogged down. You see, every time you open up a program on your laptop it pulls from the RAM memory. So if you have multiple programs at the same time 16GB of RAM will allow your laptop to remain running fast!

What about the GPU (graphics processing unit)? If you are NOT getting into photo editing or motion design this is not a concern. You can stick with the basics and save a boatload of money. BUT IF YOU THINK that you MIGHT, just might, get into any video editing than I would definitely direct you towards a laptop with at least the NVIDIA MX 150 or the GTX 1050.

Is the hard drive something to consider? YES! If you want your laptop to be fast and reliable, I would definitely make sure your laptop comes with a solid state hard drive. This SSD has no moving parts which are what make it fast and reliable.

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