Best Laptops Under 50000 in India (2019) 🔥|| Best Laptops For Programming & Gaming Under 50K


Which is the best laptop that you can buy under Rs 50000?
Here are some of the suggestions for you.

In this video I have discussed what are the best laptops under 50,000 Rs. that you can buy in 2019 in India.
After doing a deep research, reading blogs, watching video reviews and reading reviews on e-commerce website I’ve made the list.

Majorly I’ve covered 4 sectors.
Best Laptop For Programming Under 50,000 Rs
Best Laptop For Gaming Under 50,000 Rs
Best Laptop For Overall Usage Under 50,000 Rs
Best Laptop For Travel Usage Under 50,000 Rs

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All the of the laptops mentioned can be bought online from Amazon or Flipkart.
Here’s the list.

➡️ Best Laptop Under 50,000 Rs (For Programming)

HP 14s

Asus VivoBook 14

Acer Aspire 5

Note – For machine learning the above laptops are for training the smaller networks with lesser dataset and where time is not a constraint.
A dedicated graphic card is required to train the Deep Learning Model efficiently and effectively.

➡️ Best Laptop Under 50,000 Rs (For Gaming)

** Update
Acer recently launched the new nitro series which is better than Asus TUF
— It comes with better thermals, display and battery backup. (SSD Variant)


Acer Nitro 5 (Old version – shown in the video)

➡️ Best Laptop Under 50,000 Rs (For Overall Usage)

ASUS VivoBook S15

IdeaPad 330

IdeaPad 330 (Screen) (with windows)

➡️ Best Laptop Under 50,000 Rs (For Travel & Casual Usage)

MSI Prestige

HP Pavilion x360

HP 14s

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  1. Hey Bro, kindly share your "unbiased" thoughts for a cloud computing, language coding, minor video editing & software development related stuffs & learning centric laptop.

    Thank you

  2. #kripeshAdvani
    Great video 👍
    My budget is around 50k ,
    I am doing Software development course and I needed laptop for coding , watching videos and gaming ( I am not gamer but I like to play games and I wish to play games )
    I am planning to buy Acer nitro 5 in this Flipkart sale!. Should I go with or Asus Tuf ?????

  3. Dear Kripesh Adwani
    Please tell about Asus Vivobook Model X510UN-EJ329T and X512DA-EJ501T
    which one is better for a Student using AutoCad, Multimedia and Ms Office projects.

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