Best Mattress for Heavy, Obese & Overweight Side Sleepers (2019 LIST)


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Best Mattress For Side Sleepers List:

Best Mattress For Heavy People List:

Nest Alexander Hybrid Review:

DreamCloud Mattress Review:

New Purple Mattress Review:

Brentwood Oceano Review:

WinkBed Reviews:

Saatva Mattress Review:

Helix Mattress Review:

Best Mattress for Heavy, Obese & Overweight Side Sleepers (2019 LIST). In this video, Jeff gives you his picks for the Best Mattress For Heavy Side Sleepers and Best Mattress For Overweight Side Sleepers. Here is a quick summary of each online bed in a box on this list.

Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid: Super comfortable hybrid mattress that comes in multiple different firmness profiles. The bed has a soft pillow top feel that offers ample pressure relief for side sleepers.

DreamCloud: Popular bed that uses microcoils and several layers of memory foam. The bed is slightly firmer but is still quite comfortable for large side sleepers.

New Purple: Three different beds to choose from (Purple 2, Purple 3 and Purple 4), all of which use Purple’s Hyper-Elastic Polymer for the top layer. As a result, the New Purple mattresses have a gel like feel and are very accommodating for side sleepers.

Brentwood Oceano: Plush hybrid mattress that uses natural and organic materials. The bed has a soft pillow top that is ideal for side sleepers.

WinkBed: Thick, durable mattress that comes in multiple firmness levels. The Soft or Medium version are probably best for big side sleepers though.

Saatva: Another durable mattress that is available in multiple firmness profiles. Side sleepers will likely want to stick with the Plush Soft model though for maximum pressure relief. The bed also uses two layers of coils for added support.

Helix Nightfall: Popular online bed in a box that is designed specifically for heavy people.

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  1. The purple 4 didn't help this 6'4 , 275# side sleepers lower back pain each morning. Currently using a wink soft, better than than the purple in my case but the pain is still there each morning so I'm still looking… I might try the dream cloud next, any success stories?

  2. Appreciate you for posting this video! My spouse and I are both 6'0 and large people (each of us around 190- 200 lbs give or take). I purchased the budget friendly Zinus Green Tea 12 Inch Memory Foam a couple years ago after watching your recommendation on YouTube. It's a decent mattress but often hot for both of us. Good news is our teenage son can use it. DreamCloud and Brentwood sound very promising. Thank you guys for remembering us folks who aren't dainty.

  3. I purchased a Helix Nightfall 6’3 260 pounds male can’t wait to try it. With server back pain from ice hockey and hard labor work for many years. I pray I made the right choice. Let me know if anyone purchased the Nightfall thanks.

  4. I got the nest hybrid medium so I could sleep on my side and back but I can't sleep on my side at all without a lot of pain. My middle dips lower then my hips and shoulders causing the other side of my ribs and hip bound to "pinch" close together. I know it's zoned but it's like the middle zone has almost no support. It's better on my back but I still wake up with pain. I've tried 4 different pillows bit nothing helps. Any suggestions?

  5. Are there any "conditions" to the free returns on any of these? I want a new mattress so badly, but I'm skeptical that they'll come up with some reason to stick you with the mattress and the return won't really be free.

  6. This is a great video .. but I have to say I'm starting to hate this channel lol. I ordered 👻 flex but now that I continue to watch these videos I worry I made a mistake haha. Great videos guys keep it up.

  7. Love the videos thank you guys! Really helped me narrow it down. I've been going back and forth for weeks between the Brentwood Oceano and the Alexander hybrid for 240lb side and back sleep. Might have to flip a coin lol.

  8. Oooo that nest Alexander is calling my name exactly the type I’m looking for. Combo sleeper who wants to transition more into side because of spinal alignment

  9. Thank you for your reviews, After a great deal of consideration and viewing all your videos I chose Winkbed “softer” and couldn't be happier.

  10. Spectacular list – I agree with all these choices. I am a plus-size side sleeper. Winkbeds is the best hybrid I've tried ANYWHERE! I tried the Plus & was amazed, but it wasn't firm enough for me & I need memory foam because of my pain issues. My sister has the Nest Alexander Signature Hybrid. She is a plus-size side sleeper as well & LOVES it. The Purple 3 or 4 was great as well, but for the price, I'd rather have one of the Tempur-pedic Adapt or ProAdapt mattresses. The only mattress I would add to your list is the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora for HOT sleepers.

  11. Dream cloud looks sooo soo comfty! Wouldnt work for me because i like foam since im on the lighter side and a strict side sleeper.

  12. Wow, excellent video comparison. The Nest Alexander and Brentwood Oceano are beautiful and look very comfortable. Future video idea: In most of the reviews you have advised heavier sleepers to look to all coil or hybrid mattresses for the extra support. Are there any all foam beds that come firm enough for heavy sleepers?

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