Best N64 Games: Do watch this video before buying N64 Game – 2019


Best N64 Games: Do watch this video before buying N64 Game – 2019

  1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Review
    • US ►
  • Best single-player video game
  • Freedom to explore a rich, complex world
  • Helpful fairy guide gives hints
  • Charming, humorous, lighthearted, yet challenging
  1. Perfect Dark Review
    • US ►
  • First-person shooters on any video game console
  • Outstanding multiplayer game
  • Bevy of game options, cheats, and secret features
  • Excellent training mode
  1. Mario Kart 64 Review
    • US ►
  • Well-designed tracks
  • Simple controls
  • Strong multiplayer appeal
  1. Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire Review
    • US ►
  • Smooth controls, outstanding graphics, fantastic sound effects
  • Lumbering monstrosity seized up, its legs buckled
  • Doom-style, first-person shooting
  1. Super Smash Bros Review
    • US ►
  • Great characters: Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, Kirby,
  • Donkey Kong, Link, Star Fox, Yoshi, and more
  • Simple gameplay
  • Computer partner option
  1. Mario Party 2 Review
    • US ►
  • Perfect party game
  • Up to 4 players can play simultaneously
  • High replay value
  1. Road Rash 64 Review
    • US ►
  • Excellent in-game music
  • Great control and fluid action
  • A cathartic, high-energy experience
  • Especially in multiplayer mode

Other Recommended Products…
1. Star Wars Episode I Racer –
2. Turok: Dinosaur Hunter –
3. Wave Race 64 –

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