Best Nerf Christmas Gifts 2018 | 4 LISTS IN ONE VIDEO


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Best Nerf Christmas Gifts 2018 | 4 LISTS IN ONE VIDEO is the focus of today’s Nerf Buyers Guide Christmas 2018 video here on the Cj Nerf channel. My friends first and foremost Merry Christmas to all of you who have supported me throughout my Youtube journey and to those of you who are just randomly viewing this video for help ! These lists are difficult to put together since there are a ton of new options every year from several different great companies, and it is even harder for parents who have no idea of what to expect when they type in Nerf to a search engine ! So i decided to provide you the following 4 lists to give you a great idea of the best nerf guns for christmas 2018. The 4 lists will be as follows:

1) Top 5 Nerf Brand Blasters
2) Top 5 Nerf Accessories
3) Top 5 NON Nerf Brand Blasters
4) Top 5 Picks from my 4 YR Old ( so if you have a young nerfer check out this list it is straight from my son so he only looks at fun factor LOL )

I really hope you enjoy and find this video helpful to give that little nerfer in your life the perfect nerf christmas gift. Thanks for watching Happy Holiday to all of you from our family to yours and never forget the true spirit of this holiday spending time together !

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