Best New Honda CB Series Model 2019 | New Honda Supersport Motorcycles 2019


New Honda CB Series Model 2019 First Look – New Honda CB Series Model 2019 Released
1. Honda CB650R: Neo Sports Cafe
2. 2019 Honda CB500X
3. 2019 Honda CB500F
4. 2019 Honda CB125M
5. 2019 Honda CB125X

Over the Milan show in November from 2018 in October of the inter-moto show, that the new model of the world appeared all at once would be fresh in our memory. Although the WEB Young’s machine has been delivered one by one the new car information, want to keep the line-up in this special issue “2019 world new car total picture book” it has been found so far and once again organize. It summarizes the 2019 model year information of Honda’s CB series and the CB-R series in this paper.

2019 Honda CB650R: Neo Sports Cafe mid-sized model of
CB-R series, which is deployed in modern cafe style as a new generation of CB series. It CB650R that CB650F has been reborn as a mid-level. Parallel four-cylinder engine intake and exhaust systems and cam timing and the compression ratio is reviewed, provides high speed rotation of 5% of the power-up and 1000 rpm. The Honda selectable torque control is Torakon also became the new equipment. Also the body surface frames and was lighter in response to the renovation to the pivot plate around, such as changes to φ41mmSFF inverted fork made of SHOWA, has become a consuming content polish to run. Started all lights such is LED headlights to be the CB1000R inheritance. Bali is a four-color in Europe.

2019 Honda CB500X: up the total performance in aging
CBR500R, middle adventure brush up to share the CB500F and components. In exterior with improved aerodynamic characteristics of the engine and a high speed range with improved performance of medium or low speed region, enhanced more running. The handle bar is made of a new type of taper type with 17 → 19 inch of the front wheels, a handle turning angle is 38 degrees 3 degrees-increasing, has increased control of in such divided entered the path. Meter, like 500R, became a new type of liquid crystal type equipped with a gear position and shift-up indicator. In Japan, it has been launched as a 400X of 399cc, here model change has also been notice.

2019 Honda CB500F
Become a standard naked version of the Honda of parallel two-cylinder 500 series, but this CB500F. The ’19 model are enhanced performance of low frequency within the engine as well as other two models, but also incorporates assist & slipper clutch. Meter also became a new type of liquid crystal type. LED headlights of style in ’16 in this addition is adapted to further aggressive is emphasized. In Japan, it had been released as CB400F has become a production end as far as ’16, it seems there is no resurrection to match the new 500F.

2019 Honda CB125M
In concept models that have been exhibited in EICMA2018 of Milan, responsible for the production Honda R & D center of Rome. The CB125R of single-cylinder cafe naked appeared as a ’18 model-based, has been custom to the streets focus of the machine that incorporates the Supermoto taste. Such as sheet End and slender LED headlights went up valuable Sharp, has been put together in the atmosphere to feel the ride with a combined sense of movement and strength of the original inverted fork CB125R.

2019 Honda CB125X
CB125M Like adventure type of concept models made by Honda R & D center of Rome. Again, the base is a CB125R. This has become a unique point of being a three-eye system was also installed in the left and right side in the cowl of the LED headlights in addition to the cowl center. Such as around the feet of wire spoke wheel that is suitable for high screen and adventure travel with excellent wind protection, it has proposed the possibility of a new way to enjoy agnostic to the city while small exhaust amount.

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