Best On-Ear Headphones 2021: Beats, Sony, JBL, & More!


David and David tell you about the best on-ear headphones of 2021. This is a follow-up video to one we recorded in January. We read your comments and added several new pairs of headphones, including the Marshall Major IV, JBL Tune660NC, and AKG Y45 BT.

To our surprise, some of our least favorite on-ear headphones from January catapulted to the top in our rankings, while most of the newcomers failed to impress.

Check out our original best on-ear headphones video:

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  1. Introduction [0:00]
  2. Why you can trust our reviews [0:08]
  3. Songs we used for testing & what we listened for [0:18]
  4. AKG Y45BT: Review highlights [0:32]
  5. Beats Solo Pro: Review highlights [1:06]
  6. Beats Solo3 Wireless: Review highlights [1:40]
  7. House Of Marley Positive Vibration 2: Review highlights [2:11]
  8. JBL Tune 660NC: Review highlights [2:52]
  9. Marshall Major IV: Review highlights [3:20]
  10. Introduction: The Best On-Ear Headphones Of 2021 [3:57]
  11. David P.’s #3 Best: Skullcandy Riff Wireless & Beats Solo3 Wireless [4:01]
  12. David L.’s #3 Best: Sony WH-XB700 [4:33]
  13. David P.’s #2 Best: Beats Solo Pro [4:41]
  14. David L.’s #2 Best: Beats Solo3 Wireless [5:04]
  15. David P.’s #1 Best On-Ear Headphones of 2021: Sony WH-XB700 [5:24]
  16. David L.’s #1 Best On-Ear Headphones of 2021: Beat Solo Pro [5:50]
  17. Introduction: The Worst On-Ear Headphones Of 2021 [6:32]
  18. David P.’s #3 Worst: House Of Marley Positive Vibration 2 & Marshall Major IV [6:35]
  19. David L.’s #3 Worst: House Of Marley Positive Vibration 2 [7:37]
  20. David L.’s #2 Worst: Marshall Major IV [7:40]
  21. David L.’s #1 Worst Headphones Of 2021: AKG Y45BT [8:24]
  22. David P.’s #1 Worst Headphones Of 2021: AKG Y45BT [8:41]
  23. Semi-Honorable Mention: JBL Tune 660NC [9:24]

? Beats Solo Pro on Amazon: (Amazon)
? Beats Solo3 Wireless on Amazon: (Amazon)
? Jabra Elite 45h on Amazon: (Amazon)
? Skullcandy S5PXW-L003 (Riff Wireless) on Amazon: (Amazon)
? Sony WH-XB700 on Amazon: (Amazon)
? AKG Y45BT: (Amazon)
? JBL Tune 660NC: (Amazon)
? House of Marley Positive Vibration 2: (Amazon)
? Marshall Major IV: (Amazon)

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Tracks We Used For Testing:
? “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk — Pristine, well-recorded track: Overall clarity, space
? “Jack Of Speed” by Steely Dan — Pristine, well-recorded track: Overall quality, 3D space
? “Weird Fishes” by Radiohead/Noordpool Orchestra — Wide Dynamic Range: Clarity from loud to soft & “big” soundstage
? “Tin Pan Alley” by Stevie Ray Vaughan — Wide Dynamic Range: Clarity from soft to loud & “live” sound
? “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson — Bass: Makes you want to move but not overpowering
? “Morning” by Beck — Bass: Not too much or too little (Goldilocks zone)
? “Brass Monkey” by Beastie Boys — Bass: Powerful but doesn’t get muddy / rumbly
? “Waterwheel” by Kronos Quartet — Dynamic range & space: Sounds like sound is coming from outside your head

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