Best TV 2021


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  1. LG CX Series OLED TV
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  2. Samsung Q950TS QLED TV
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  3. Sony A8H OLED
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  4. Samsung Q80T QLED TV
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  5. Sony Bravia X900H Series
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Looking for the best TV to buy this year? Look no further than this guide, which has the latest and great televisions you should be considering for your next screen, from OLED TVs and QLED giants to new Mini LED contenders.

We’re not far into 2021 at this point, but the best TVs from last year are still on sale and well worth the investment, packing in high resolutions, colorful HDR, and the all-round feature set to make for truly impressive sets. They’re largely cheaper than they were at launch too, and could be smart buys ahead of the higher RRPs of their 2021 successors.

Our picks below represent the absolute crème de la crème of what’s available today (see: LG CX OLED, the Sony A8H OLED and Samsung Q95T) but we’ve also highlighted a number of TVs that provide incredible value for your money, too. Combined, you’ve got a list of the best TVs at any budget.

That said, we’re always adding more screens to this list as the year progresses, so be sure to check back in a month or two to see the latest additions to this TV hall of fame.
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