Best UltraWide Affordable Gaming Monitor 2019 | Viotek 49 Curved Monitor Review


Best Affordable Ultra Wide Gaming Monitor 2019
My complete desk setup is listed below
Viotek Monitor:
My PC:
My Studio Speakers:
My Desk:
Sound Interface:

My Filming Gear
Lens 1:
Lens 2:
Mic to DSLR adapter: (amazon)
Microphone : (amazon)
Light Dome:

The Viotek SUW49C 49″ inch Ultrawide Gaming monitors are perfect for playing games and video editing! This is the most affordable super ultrawide monitor on the market right now coming in at a fraction of the cost of competitors with amazing video quality! In this review we will cover the monitor latency, color accuracy, field of view and more. This is easily the best monitor to buy in 2019

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  1. I just started watching your channel thinking it was a paranormal only channel and was a little confused by a tv review. But I enjoyed it! And laughed

  2. @Mind Seed TV I have to say, I've watched all your Hunting Purgatory & find them to be some of the best ones I've ever seen.
    As for your product reviews, this is the first one I've ever watched. Mostly cause it's like window shopping for me, which I dont like cause I want it lol. Your presentation for your product review is phenomenal. I agree, I wondered if it was a coffee commercial at the start. Cannot wait until you get your TV showS. Yes big S to show plural 🙂

  3. The monitor looks great, but $800 really isn’t affordable to most households. 😕 You can’t make your house payment, but you’re no scoping noobs on COD 😜

  4. Could I link my MacBook up to this monitor ? I use premier pro but this would be ideal 👌🏻 keep up the vids bud , we’re doing our first paranormal investigation at an asylum in a few weeks 🤘🏻

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