Best VR Headset for PC 2019


Best VR Headset for PC 2019

Oculus Rift
Oculus Rift is the best VR headset for PC on the market. It is the one that spearheded it all in the field of virtual reality. Oculus spearheaded the Rift VR headset, and on its invention, it raised over two million dollars. It indeed set standards to the world of virtual reality gaming. The gadget boasts a minimal and modern matte black exterior with an integrated 2K OLED display. Also, it has an extensive range of accessories designated to improve the general VR experience.

HTC Vive Pro
Vive Pro is the best high-end virtual reality headset. You may be surprised that HTC, a company that predominantly deals with smartphones has invented the most advanced virtual reality headset to date. The present HTC Vive Pro preceded the original Vive, and it was designed in partnership with PC games giant Valve. The Pro integrates various minor upgrades that improve the general experience. For instance, it incorporates a much better head strap that has built-in headphones.

Sony PlayStation VR
The PlayStation VR is exceptional among gaming VR headsets in several ways, the essential one being that it is the first ever console compatible virtual reality headset. After its launch, it ranked as the best-value VR headset, but Oculus and HTC lowered their prices to remain competitive in the market. As opposed to the dark-colored Rift and Vive, the PlayStation VR is dominated by blue LED lights and high-profile white highlights. Unlike the above VR headsets that incorporate separate headsets for every eye, this PlayStation VR from Sony incorporates a single FULL HD OLED.

Google Cardboard
If there is a company that does not need an introduction to this list is Google. Presently, Google is indeed the front page of the internet, as it is the leading search engine across the globe. Nonetheless, Google has also ventured into the VR headset industry where it invented the Cardboard VR headset. It is a VR headset that is designed from cardboard, and it is compatible with any smartphone. The VR headset works with two lenses placed in front of the user’s eyes, and when used alongside specific applications, it allows the user perceive what is being displayed in the smartphone in a responsive and immersive 3D environment. It also integrates an inbuilt NFC to facilitate near immediate VR application activation as soon as the smartphone is placed in the VR headset.

Samsung Gear VR
Samsung is among the leading producer of the best Android smartphones but has now put one foot into generating VR headsets. The Samsung Gear VR boasts a sleeker design and a high-profile solution. Also, it has a rectangular exterior design as well as a plastic cover.

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