Biggest Smartphone Surprise of 2022! | Xiaomi 12 Review


Reviewing the Xiaomi 12 smartphone (global edition), which boasts better battery life and a more compact form vs the pricey Pro model. I’ve been testing out the camera tech, doing lots of gaming and using the Xiaomi 12 as my personal phone for over a week now. Here’s my final verdict on one of the best – or at least my favourite – Android blowers of 2022.

That camera tech has been scaled back versus the Pro but you can still expect excellent tracking and HDR performance. Sony’s IMX766 sensor is good enough for the Oppo Find X5 Pro and it’s certainly good enough for the Xiaomi 12, although Oppo’s phone is superior in low light.

This beefcake doesn’t compromise when it comes to performance, so gaming on the likes of Genshin Impact and PubG is a silky experience. Helped considerably by the impressive cooling tech. Meanwhile the Xiaomi 12 boasts the best battery life of this family.

Add in a crisp and punchy AMOLED screen, respectable stereo speaker setup and MiUI 13 UI and wrap it all in a sleek compact frame. That’s this handset in a nutshell. Not perfect by any means, but one of the smartphones I’ve most enjoyed so far in 2022.

Xiaomi 12 Review Chapters:
0:00 – Blah blah
1:04 – Design
3:04 – MiUI 13 & features
4:35 – Display & audio
6:18 – Performance & gaming
7:19 – Battery life
8:10 – Cameras
10:45 – Verdict