Bionic Trimmer Review: Bell and Howell as seen on TV trimmer put to the test. Bionic Trimmer Review


In this video I put to test the Bell and Howell Bionic Trimmer. This is a battery operated trimmer with a 37 inch pole. The trimmer uses zip ties as its string for easy replacement. Will this trimmer get the job done? Or is this just another As Seen On TV flop? Check it out here.

When I saw the Bionic Trimmer I was intrigued. I could definitely use a light weight trimmer to trim around trees in my yard. The edging part of the Bionic Trimmer also interested me. As I started to use the Bionic Trimmer I quickly became disappointed. The Bionic Trimmer was very short causing me to have to bend over which over time caused irritation in my back. Also, the Bionic Trimmer’s motor/battery was not very strong. As you can see from the video the Bionic Trimmer frequently stopped on the grass. Very disappointing. I tried the Bionic Trimmer for about 30 minutes before having to recharge the unit. I was impressed with the Bionic Trimmer’s edging feature but noticed that the zip ties broke pretty easily. I tried it with the guard down first but it didn’t really edge so I had to use it by eye to get a clean edge line. In my opinion the Bionic Trimmer is a product that I would not recommend. If it was a little taller and had a bit more power I would say yes. Maybe in the redesign the Bionic Trimmer will incorporate some of these recommendations. I hope that this review helped you in making your decision.
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