Buy this 4K 120Hz Gaming Monitor Instead! – Wasabi Mango Review


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Yes the ASUS PG27UK and Acer X27 are monitor god-mode with 4K, 1,000nit Gsync HDR, and 144Hz refresh rate…but are they the best value in 2018? What if there was a cheaper way to get almost the same thing?

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  1. I think wasabi mango monitor is for console couch gaming. If you don't watch tv, you can plug some amazon fire tv stick to that monitor (for netflix or video streaming), and some xbox one x or ps4 pro to play at 4k resolution

  2. Linus my motherboard in a wasabi mango UHD 490 i20 died after 1 week of use and the manufacturer has refused to help, do you have a spare motherboard that you could send me please? I have scoured the internet and am struggling to source one.

    I brought the monitor because of your recommendation and am stuck now.

  3. I absolutely HATE Linus’s emphasis on the fact that the Asus one is 144hz while the Wasabi is 120hz…Like name one freaking person, alive or dead, who can tell the 24hz difference between the two…Like WTF? At refresh rates above 100hz, it starts getting INCREDIBLY difficult to distinguish between different refresh rates. Don’t believe me? Watch videos on monitors with 240hz refresh rates, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

  4. Its so weird i just got one of the new 144hz 4k panels ive done 144hz on 1440p its nice but now that I've seen 4k at 144hz… 60hz now looks like slow motion @4k I don't get why that did not happen on 1440p when i go back to 60hz

  5. I own wasabi mango 48" 4K monitor for two years, very happy of this monitor, sharp high resolution, I remember they make 60", but can't find it now.

  6. Hi I brought a Wasabi Mango UHD490 i20 , same monitor but in 49 inches. The back light bleed is shocking bad btw. Thats not the worst part, the motherboard of the screen died and the seller has refused to send a replacement and is not honoring the warranty. Also cant get my money back even if I shipped this back to Korea.

    Could someone help me out I am looking for the motherboard for this screen but has been difficult to find. Thanks

  7. I think I'll wait ten years for the price, get rich quick, over charge to wear off. Did you know Korea makes a full mid size with graphics card and monitor for under $500?U.S. refuse import here because it would undermine tech sales here. Did you also know when Viagra came out is costs crazy cash. Then it went to $18 a pill, they were selling it in Pakistan for $0.50. As Sean Hannity would say, whatever the market will bear.

  8. I'm about to replace my 42" tv and started looking at monitors for the low latency. We stream tv and have a PS4 and PC hooked up now. Which monitor do you think would be a good replacement? This is the 1st video I've seen on this one.

  9. If a person is going to go out of their way to build a great 4K gaming machine then why would they cheapen out on the display by $500? They're already in the $1K territory. Just go for the top-line display.

  10. IMO no one should ever falls in that kind of trap , dont get fooled here , your chasing the best monitor for gaming , even if your casual , you dont derseve 40 inch of crappy colors at 120hz refresh rate with no sync at all. At this point , save the extra money for the asus and whatever people say , yeah 144hz at 4k is hard to achieve , so why at this moment Nvidia offices is rushing the Ray tracing technology so people can achieve it easier and at the end , sell much more of this expensive monitor . The price is absurd no doubt , but it won the best monitor of the year ! 😀

  11. $1400? Wow, electronic prices must be dropping at an extremely quicker rate than I remember, as its now only $400……

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