Campark X30 [email protected] action camera review


Got this latest offering from Campark, the Campark X30 action camera that boasts [email protected] So let’s dive into this Campark X30 and give it a proper review. When I first ordered this action camera it stated [email protected] with EIS, then after it was delivered I noticed that the listing was updated stating that EIS was up to [email protected], which I thought was still not a big deal given it’s price.
Well that’s where the good news ended for this camera, IMO the image quality is not very good, very heavy on the orange color and oversaturated, [email protected] was a bit choppy, [email protected] was very choppy and it also sped up the video and audio for some reason. Low light is what you would normally find in an action camera but the EIS is VERY wobbly especially on the outside corners. Audio was loud, but not very good or usable in my opinion. The best thing about this action camera is that it offers 2 1350 mAh batteries, but thats the only good news about this camera.
I tried to find out what the chipset was and the image sensor but never got a reply from Campark about it.
Biggest drawback for me was the over stating that this camera is a TRUE UHD 4K when in actuality it only records at 3000 x 1800 which is not a full 4K resolution. Is this camera worth it? In my honest opinion, NO, I think there are better alternatives out there for the same amount of money.
Tell me in the comment section below what YOU thought about the Campark X30 !
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