Day Trading Computer or Gaming Setup? LG Monitor GODMODE 49" X2 (2019)


Day Trading Computer or Gaming Setup? This LG Monitor GOD mode Day Trading and Gaming Laptop setup that will tackle all aspects of your Digital LIfe!

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Now whether you are looking to build the ultimate gaming setup or build epic day trading computers. We all have one goal. What is the current tech out there to optimize us for the best performance as a trader, gamer, or content creator?

This setup may not be the best gaming setup due to the 49″ wide LG monitors and the resolution. And does actually distort part of the gameplay. So that’s just personal preference of what you like. I myself as an amateur gamer who strictly plays for fun think the widescreen at the full res is pretty cool.

Equipment used:

LG Monitor 49″ Monitor 49WL95C-W 49 inch 32:9 UltraWide 5K Dual QHD IPS Curved LED Monitor with HDR 10

Razer 15″ Core i7 gtx1070 16gb 1tb
Macbook pro Core i9 32gb
Henge Dock
Vivo Single Desk Mount

But for Professional Day traders in the stock market, penny stocks, forex, bitcoin, and options. This could be the ultimate day trading station that compacts the most real estate into just two monitors without having to have a 6 multi-monitor setup that can be both costly and inefficient.

This setup is almost like having one massive monitor and it is quite the experience!

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