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Awesome DIY Christmas gift ideas that are easy and creative. Watch my NEW 2017 Christmas Gift Ideas video here

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⇒ DIY LUSH Bath Bombs with a Hidden Surprise!
(Makes 6)
Dry ingredients
2 cups baking soda
1 cup citric acid
1/4 cup fine sea salt
1 TBS cream of tartar
–sift together to combine

Wet ingredients
4 TBS oil of choice (light oils work best like almond oil
10-20 drops essential oil of choice
5 spritzes of 50/50 solution of water and rubbing alcohol mixture –in a spray bottle
combine wet ingredients

add wet ingredients to dry and combine – add skin safe coloring if desired

then add 2-3 spritzes of the water and rubbing alcohol mixture at a time, mixing thoroughly each time. Continue doing this until mixture is the texture of slightly damp sand. If it gets too wet it will be ruined- it’s much better to be on the dry side! You know it’s ready when you can gather a clump in your hand and squeeze it and it will stay together

SURPRISE ELEMENT – Then add a charm or gift of choice into a small airtight plastic container and seal shut. These are the containers I used

Pack bath fizz mixture into a silicone mold ( hiding the surprise inside.
Allow to dry overnight and pop out of molds

⇒ DIY Gift Box
The concept here is to make a personalized gift box that the recipient can then keep to use as a keepsake box, jewelry box or whatever they want. Cover the box in the person’s favorite things, quotes, photos of you, mementos, etc. using mod podge.

⇒ DIY Spices and Infused Oils
recipes are in ratios so you can customize them to whatever size container you have

Steak and Chicken Seasoning
3 parts paprika
3 parts sea salt
2 parts black pepper
3 parts garlic powder
2 parts onion powder
1 part oregano

Spicy Seasoning
3 parts paprika
3 parts salt
2 parts chili powder
1 part thyme
1 part chili flakes
2 parts black pepper
1 part (or less) cayenne pepper

Rosemary Sea Salt
Combine 8 parts coarse sea salt with 1 part chopped dried rosemary

Infused Oil with Rosemary and Garlic
Heat extra virgin olive oil over a low simmer and add 3 cloves of garlic and two large sprigs of rosemary. Allow to heat until 180 degrees and remove from heat and transfer to vessel of choice. Other variation, use basil and chili flakes. Note that infused oils should be refrigerated to preserve

⇒ Calendar of Love
This is a perfect easy DIY gift for your significant other (boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, etc) and also works great for a best friend or parent that you are close with.
Get a daily desk calendar and personalize it for the upcoming year and they can look forward to getting thoughtful notes from you throughout the year. Some ideas: upcoming events, shared memories, random compliments or things you appreciate about them, holidays – you can add as much in here as you’d like!
Desk calendar shown in video
Calendar base:
2017 Calendar inserts:

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