Doritos – The best gift (Mexico, English subs, 2020)


Based on a true story, Doritos released this touching video for the 2020 holiday season, with the tagline ‘the best gift you can give this Christmas is to accept someone as they are’. It raked up over 14 million views on YouTube in the first two weeks.

The (LGBT) press was raving. Attitude said: “Doritos’ new ad shows a dad embracing his gay son’s relationship and it’s Oh So Emotional. Can we get a movie-length version?” There were many who said “I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying.”

The beautiful video depicts a father turning to Reddit for advice on how to address the subject of his son’s same-sex relationship. You can find the original reddit thread on Bored Panda:

Note that Doritos hardly appears in the clip: only in the beginning, when the boyfriend buys some bags at the gas station. 😉

It was created by Slap Buenos Aires and directed by Primo Mexico’s Nico Veiga.

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