Dying Light – Halloween Event Trailer


All Hallow’s Eve is upon us, so go to bed in a safehouse and when you wake up, hurry out into the streets of Harran with your candy bag ready. To set an eerie mood, we’ve conjured up stormy weather that drowns out the sounds of approaching horrors with heavy rain and thunder. The infected put their costumes on – pumpkin heads, wizard hats, and skeleton masks – and carry special Drunken Pumpkin potions that you can loot and drink. Remember, Volatiles drop the most powerful one. The trick is, those potions are not necessarily a treat, as they can either enhance your abilities (e.g. grant you infinite stamina) or make your life harder (try to freerun with your controls reversed!). How do you know which one is which? You don’t! You have to drink the potion to find out its effect, but hey, chugging a suspicious concoction never hurt anyone, right?

On top of all that you can earn an exclusive Halloween outfit and three King weapon upgrade dockets as rewards for completing challenges.

The event ends at 7 pm CET (10 am PST) on November 4th. Happy trick-or-treating, Survivors!