Dyson V10 vs Gtech Pro – glitter and lentil challenge


We pitted the Dyson V10 against the Gtech Pro to see which vacuum cleaner was more effective at vacuuming a mixture of lentils, glitter and flour from carpet and laminate.

The verdict? The Dyson V10 was quicker and more thorough than the Gtech Pro and left less residue behind. The Gtech performed better on the laminate floor than it did on the carpet.

We hope you enjoy this video. Remember it is in no way related to our official Which? tests – these are conducted in lab conditions and include more than 70 assessments to see how effectively vacuum cleaners clean your home and how easy they are to use.

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Challenge Wednesdays is a weekly show where we pit two high profile products against each other to see which one triumphs at our chosen task. Tune in every Wednesday when we release a new episode, and if there are any products you’d like to see go head-to-head let us know in the comments.

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